Car and bicycle parking



At railway stations, car and bicycle parks are provided for rail passengers by VR or the municipalities. Moreover there are special parking spaces for disabled passengers, if possible.


Please check the car and bicycle parks for rail passengers as per railway station, on the railway station pages. The pages covering the railway stations in South Finland also include a map specifying the exact locations of the parking areas.


Car parks and car heating spaces

Car parks at major railway stations are normally subject to a charge. Passengers using 30 days passes or multitickets may generally book a park card for a longer period of time on VR's parking areas. Rail passengers may also use P car parks in the vicinity.

At smaller railway stations there are parking areas with a varying capacity and generally free of charge.

Parking spaces for disabled passengers are located as close to the railway station buildings as possible, e.g. at Tampere, Joensuu, Pieksämäki, Hämeenlinna, etc. Also several small stations allow disabled parking by the railway station building.


Bicycle parks

By almost all railway station buildings, there are free bicycle parks (most often uncovered) equipped with bicycle racks.

Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a ticket for my bicycle for a long-distance train?

Bicycle transport on InterCity trains must always be paid (€5) before the trip because of the limited number of bicycle transport spaces. You can take bicycles directly to the luggage van of blue trains and pay the bicycle transport charge to the conductor. However, groups must agree on bicycle transport beforehand.

Can I transport a bike on commuter trains?

You can transport bicycles free of charge on commuter trains.

I have a folding bike. Can I transport the bicycle on a long-distance train?

Folding bikes can be transported free of charge on long-distance trains when they are folded and covered by a transport bag.

I would like to take my bicycle with me on a long-distance train. Is that possible?

You can transport a bike as hand luggage. The bicycle fee is EUR 5. Transporting a bike is possible on most long-distance trains (InterCity trains, night/day express trains that transport luggage, and some regional trains). The possibility to transport a bike is indicated in timetables with a bike icon (InterCity trains) or a suitcase icon (blue trains). InterCity train bicycle space should be purchased in advance.

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Car and bicycle parks

Please check the car and bicycle parks for rail passengers as per railway station, on the railway station pages.