Car-carrier trains


When you transport your car by train, the whole family can relax. After a good night's sleep, it’s pleasant to drive a car again.

Our new double-decker sleeping carriages are comfortable and offer families or groups the opportunity to travel together. The two lower deck cabins can be combined by means of an intermediate door. The upper deck cabins feature their own WC and shower areas. There is a restaurant carriage on all night trains.

The car-carrier trains are in operation in accordance with the following links:

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Car packages

You can buy an economical car package that contains a train trip and sleeping berth for 1–6 persons as well as car transport. Prices of CarTrain packages vary by travel date, route and number of passengers, and can be purchased for routes that do not include a transfer.

Places to buy a car package include online sales, ticket offices at stations, ticket vending machines, travel agencies or by phone via VR Customer Service. In addition, you can redeem a car package booked via VR Customer Service from any R-Kiosk. When you purchase a car package from a self-service outlet, have the car's registration details with you to check, for instance, the dimensions of the vehicle.

If you use a car-carrier train frequently, it’s worthwhile to join Veturi. The contact information you provide as well as vehicle registration and other data are kept ready for you to use when you make your next purchase. If the information concerning your car changes, do remember to amend the details to your own Veturi info. If the details on the dimensions of your vehicle change after the car package has been purchased, ensure that your car can be loaded by calling VR Customer Service.

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Loading the car

Check the car-loading time on your train ticket and please be at the loading site on time. If you wish, you can leave your car for VR to load onto the train. The size of the vehicle affects loading, so please ensure that you have reported the correct dimensions of your car when purchasing your car package. Please note that some car models are too large to fit into the car-carrier.

You can acquaint yourself with loading and unloading a car on the Car-carrier Travel ABC page. Please check VR's car transport terms and conditions as well.

Get acquainted with the locations of the car-loading sites in advance. You can check the driving instructions on the loading site maps as well as the address of the site you need to go to for your navigation system. Helsinki's new car-carrier station is located in Pasila.

Car-carrier train loading sites


Car-carrier train services

You can travel comfortably overnight in a sleeping carriage between Finland’s south and north. New double-decker sleeping carriages are in operation, boasting modern, versatile services for travellers as well as the traditional blue 'sleepers'.

In the new sleeping carriages, cabins are combined for families, and the appropriate facilities for disabled travellers as well as up-to-date WC and shower areas are available. Pets can be transported in all night trains, and every night train features a restaurant carriage.

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