Car-carrier train loading sites

Transport your car with ease when travelling by train from the south of Finland to the north. Vehicles can be loaded onto car-carrier wagons at the following stations: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi, Kolari.


Pasila car-carrier station

Helsinki car-carrier wagon loading site has been relocated to Pasila. Check the driving instructions to the loading/unloading site from the map.

Give the keys to the car to be loaded along with the car loading ticket to the staff or leave them in the letterbox on the station wall.

  • The loading site is located at Veturitie 9, 00240 Helsinki.

  • The car access from Veturitie to the loading site is indicated by signs.

  • The distance on foot from Pasila station to the car-carrier station is 300–400 metres.

Note: The south part of Veturitie, the street that leads to the car-carrier station in Pasila, has been closed as of 6th of July 2015. The loading site is no longer accessible from Pasila railway station via Veturitie. The loading site is now accessible only from the north part of Veturitie. See map below for driving instructions on how to reach the north part of Veturitie and loading site.

Please note! Car-carrier wagons of trains arriving in Helsinki from the north are detached from the train before Pasila and taken to the unloading site. Please remember to get off at Pasila station to collect your car!


car loading station


Car-sleeper train loading sites: Tampere

Address: Rautatienkatu 21, 33100 Tampere

The loading site for cars is situated on the northside of the railway station at Rautatienkatu 21, 33100 Tampere. Please, reserve enough time and arrive early.

Parking for cars to be loaded on the train is located on the northside of the station near platform 1, in a separately marked area.

  • If you leave your car to be loaded by VR, please bring the car key and ticket stub to the platform office located on platform 1 at least 30 minutes before loading time. Get a parking permit from the same office and place it in the windshield. 

  • You can find VR personnel at the parking lot during the loading hours.

  • The car loading personnel are available between 18.30–23.30 Mon–Sun.

  • Car-carrier train travelers can collect their keys at the loading site immediately after the unloading is completed. You can also collect the key from the platform office, if necessary.

Car Train Tampere


Car-sleeper train loading sites: Turku

Address: Ratapihankatu 37, 20100 Turku

You can deliver the keys to cars to be loaded on car-carrier wagons to VR ticket offices.

When the ticket office is closed, the keys to cars to be loaded on the train by VR can be dropped into the box under the shelter on platform 5 (the box is on the door at the end towards the footbridge).

On Saturdays and Sundays, the keys to cars that have arrived can be collected from the unloading site or from Avecra Baguette, which is located inside the station building.

Car Train Turku


Car-sleeper train loading sites: Oulu

Address: Ratakatu 6, 90100 Oulu

The loading site for car-carrier wagons is located at Ratakatu 6, 90100 Oulu.

The keys to the cars to be loaded on the train by VR must be delivered to a VR box in the waiting room at the latest 30 minutes before the loading time. A ticket stub must be provided with the keys. 

Car loaders are available during loading time, tel. +35840 8645 122.

Enquiries about arrived cars and keys can be made 7.30–10.00 a.m. by calling +35840 8645 122.

Car Train Oulu


Car-sleeper train loading sites: Rovaniemi

Address: Ratakatu 3, 96100 Rovaniemi

Customers can collect keys to cars that have arrived on CarTrains at the destination Mon–Sun 8–15. Please call 040 541 53 46.

The keys to cars to be loaded on the train by VR must be left in the key box in the station concourse at the latest 30 mins before the beginning of the loadind time stated on the ticket, or delivered to the loadind site during the loading of car carrier wagons and given directly to VR staff.

Car Train Rovaniemi


Car-sleeper train loading sites: Kemijärvi

Address: Asematie 4, 98120 Kemijärvi

The loading site for car-carrier wagons is located on the southern side of the railway station.

The keys to cars to be loaded on the train by VR shall be left to the VR box in the waiting room no later than 30 minutes before the loading time. The keys can also be brought directly to the VR staff on the loading site at the time marked on the car transport ticket. 

The keys of the cars which arrive in the car train can be collected from Monday to Sunday at 9.15–15. Enquiries about keys can be made by calling 050 525 88 35.

The ABC of CarTrain

Car Train Kemijärvi


Car-sleeper train loading sites: Kolari

Address: Asematie 7, 95900 Kolari

The loading site for car-carrier wagons is located on the northern side of the railway station.

Keys to cars to be loaded on the train can be left in the designated letterbox. Contact the VR staff at the loading site to collect the keys to a car that has arrived.

Car Train Kolari

CarTrain Packages

You can now buy a CarTrain package from VR Online Shop. Before you start to purchase a CarTrain package please have your registration book at hand to check for instance your car's dimensions during ticket purchasing.

Check the loading times on your ticket and arrive at the loading site well in advance.