Car-carrier train loading sites

Transport your car with ease when travelling by train from the south of Finland to the north. Vehicles can be loaded onto car-carrier wagons at the following stations: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi, Kolari.


Pasila car-carrier station

Helsinki car-carrier wagon loading site has been relocated to Pasila. Check the driving instructions to the loading/unloading site from the map.

Give the keys to the car to be loaded along with the car loading ticket to the staff or leave them in the letterbox on the station wall.

  • The new loading site is located at Veturitie 9, 00240 Helsinki.
  • The car access from Veturitie to the loading site is indicated by signs.
  • The distance on foot from Pasila station to the car-carrier station is 300–400 metres.
  • You can travel between Helsinki and Pasila on commuter trains free of charge.

Note: The south part of Veturitie, the street that leads to the car-carrier station in Pasila, has been closed as of 6th of July 2015. The loading site is no longer accessible from Pasila railway station via Veturitie. The loading site is now accessible only from the north part of Veturitie. See map below for driving instructions on how to reach the north part of Veturitie and loading site.

Please note! Car-carrier wagons of trains arriving in Helsinki from the north are detached from the train before Pasila and taken to the unloading site. Please remember to get off at Pasila station to collect your car!


car loading station


Other car loading sites

Car loading sites are located near stations. See the locations and driving instructions below:


Special arrangements at Pasila starting from 26 January

Starting from 26 January 2017, there will be special arrangements at the Pasila car-carrier station due to work at the Pasila construction site. Some of the lanes will be closed for the duration of the piping construction, and this may cause congestion.

You should therefore arrive at the loading area well in advance and reserve plenty of time for the loading. The construction work is estimated to take about 1 1/2 months.


Car loading in Pasila and Tampere

See the brilliant panorama views of the Pasila car-carrier station and Tampere car-loading site.

Pasila car-carrier station

Tampere car-carrier station

CarTrain Packages

You can now buy a CarTrain package from VR Online Shop. Before you start to purchase a CarTrain package please have your registration book at hand to check for instance your car's dimensions during ticket purchasing.

Check the loading times on your ticket and arrive at the loading site well in advance.