Cancellation insurance

Purchasing the Cancellation insurance for only €5–13 guarantees you a full refund of your ticket should you need to cancel. Cancellation insurance can be bought when you buy or change a Basic or Saver ticket.
Once you have bought the Cancellation insurance, it will be recorded on your ticket. You can request a refund of the ticket price (excluding the Cancellation insurance) by using this form, from ticket offices at railway stations, by calling VR Customer Care or from R-Kioskis (tickets bought from R-Kioski only).


Cancellation insurance

with Basic and Saver tickets

Price of Cancellation insurance

€5–13 depending on the lenght of your trip

Purchasing locations for Cancellation insurance when buying a train ticket

VR Mobile, VR Online Shop, ticket offices at service stations, ticket vending machines, travel agencies, VR Customer Care by phone

Cancelling a ticket

before the departure using our form, ticket offices at service stations, VR Customer Care by phone, R-Kioskis (tickets bought from R-Kioski only)

Refund of the price of the ticket (excluding cancellation fee €5–13)

using this form, station ticket offices, VR Customer Care by phone, or R-Kioski (tickets bought from R-Kioski only).



No discounts for Cancellation insurance.


See more details about changing and cancelling train tickets.