Purchase commuter train tickets

You can purchase commuter train tickets as follows.


Tickets for commuter train traffic:

Purchasing location Single tickets Multi-tickets Season tickets
VR Commuter X    
VR Mobile X    
Webshop (beta.vr.fi) X    
Webshop (vr.fi)   X X
Ticket machines X X X
Ticket offices X X X
On trains X    
VR Customer care   X X
R-kiosks X X X
Travel agencies   X X


Tickets for HSL-area:

Purchasing location HSL single tickets Loading of Travel Cards Daý ticket
Ticket machines X X  
Ticket offices X X X
On trains X   X
R-kiosks   X X


VR Commuter

VR Commuter is a mobile application allowing you to purchase commuter traffic single tickets with a few clicks, using your Veturi user ID. The application works on iOS/iPhone and Android smart phones.

A single ticket is activated in connection with purchase and is valid for two hours from purchase in the direction the ticket is purchased for. The ticket is valid on VR commuter trains.

You can buy single tickets with the VR Mobile application for adults as well as discount tickets for juniors, seniors, students and persons in military and non-military service.

The following credit/debit cards are accepted by the VR Commuter mobile application: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro cards.

You can also buy a single ticket without having to log into Veturi.

It is possible to buy all these tickets with VR Mobile as well. The application works on iOS/iPhone, Android and Windows smart phones.


Ticket offices

The commuter services area has five VR stations with a ticket office that sell commuter tickets: Helsinki, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Lahti and Tikkurila.

All types of commuter tickets can be purchased at the stations. Cash, debit cards, most credit/debit cards and Visa Electron and Maestro cards are accepted as means of payment. For the time being, Diners Club and Diners Club Discover cards cannot be used.

A Commuter Services single ticket is always the most economical when purchased before boarding the train.

You can check the opening hours for station ticket sales in the station services section on the stations’ own web pages.


Ticket machines

All commuter tickets can be purchased 24h/day from ticket vending machines. At VR ticket machines in the HSL area you can now load period or value on HSL travel cards.

You can check from station services information whether or not a ticket vending machine can be found at your station.

Pay for your tickets with most debit and credit cards and American Express cards.


Ticket sale on trains

Conductors sell only single tickets on trains.

Buy your tickets from commuter train ticket vending compartments. Check the location of the ticket vending compartment before boarding the train.

A ticket bought on a commuter train costs 50 cents more than one purchased from a ticket vending machine, the VR Commuter application or purchased in advance from R-Kiosk. If the station does not have ticket sales or a vending machine, the ticket is the same price as when purchased elsewhere.

lipunmyynti lähijunissa


  • Every commuter train has a ticket vending compartment.
  • However, not every train with more than one train set has a ticket vending compartment.
  • If the train has more than one train set, the ticket vending compartment is located in the second train set from the front of the train.
  • Read more on the location of ticket vending compartments on trains in the passenger car album. See train services and proceed to the passenger car album.


Cash and most credit/debit cards are accepted on trains. Please note: Cards that require verification such as Diners Club, Diners Club Discover, MasterCard debit, Visa Electron and Maestro cards cannot be used for payment on commuter traffic trains.


Online Shop (beta.vr.fi)

You can purchase single tickets for Commuter Services trains on beta.vr.fi.

In the Online Shop you can pay for tickets through online banks.


Online Shop (vr.fi)

Buy season and multi-tickets for commuter trains from VR Online Shop. Multi-tickets purchased from VR Online Shop must be picked up from ticket offices or ticket machines.

In the Online Shop, you can pay for tickets through online banks and with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express cards.


Customer Service

Purchase commuter zone area multi- and season tickets by calling VR Customer Service, tel. 0600 41 900 (call rate: EUR 1.99 per answered call + local network charge) To do this you need a Credit/Debit card. When buying tickets by phone you must give the customer service agent the card details. Multi-tickets purchased from VR Customer Service must be picked up from ticket offices or ticket machines.

From VR Customer Service you get more information on all issues concerning train travel.



You can purchase as well as redeem multi- and season tickets ordered via VR Customer Service from any R-Kiosk. You can also load HSL Travel Cards and buy day tickets (1–7 days).

Cash and other means of payment accepted by R-kiosk can be used at R-kiosk.

Tickets through VR Commuter

Commuter services zone area tickets can now be purchased through the free VR Commuter application. HSL area internal tickets are not sold through VR Commuter.

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You can buy the most popular tickets for domestic long-distance services, the most special offer tickets, as well as commuter train tickets for VR commuter services at R-kioski.

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HSL Area Night Fare

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