Services for business travellers

This page contains information on services for business travelers. Read more about tickets for business travel, group and conference trips and business trips to Russia.

Group and conference journeys

Book your own compartment or even a whole coach or train.

Business trips to Russia

Take the train to St. Petersburg, Moscow or Vyborg. Three departures every day!



Travel on train at an even lower cost when you plan your journey well in advance. Even wider ticket range is available through VR Online Shop and the corporate internet-based purchasing application.

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Contact customer service

VR Customer Care
Mon–Fri at 5–22

Sat–Sun and bank holidays at 7–22
0600 41900
(€1.99/answered call + lnc.)

Business Sales
Mon–Fri at 7–20
0600 19955
€1.99 / answered call + local network charge

Group Sales
Mon–Fri at 9–16
0600 19009
€1.99 / answered call + local network charge

Trains to Russia
Mon–Sun from 8.30 to 16.30
0600 41900
(€1.99/answered call + lnc.)

Opening hours at stations

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