Bicycles in the trains

See the bicycle transportation fees and purchasing locations below.
Train Bicycle transport fee Location Please note!
InterCity-trains (long-distance) 5 € A bicycle space must be booked in advance when purchasing a ticket from ticket sales or the VR Online Shop. Customers should bring the bicycle to the bicycle space in the double-decker wagon of InterCity trains where it is possible to lock the bicycle with a 50 cent coin. The coin is returned when the bicycle is removed from the bicycle stand after the journey.
Luggage carrying express and regional trains Bicycle transport fee 5 €
tandem bicycle or Bicycle + trailer 10 €
Service purchased at a VR station Service
paid to on-board conductor
Commuter trains Free of charge   Kickbikes are equalled with bicycles.
Trains to Russia Free of charge

Bicycles may be transported if they are packed into a luggage-sized casing (60x100x40 cm). Bikes may have to be disassembled to fit within these dimensions.

Without the casing bicycles may not be transported.


Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a ticket for my bicycle for a long-distance train?

Bicycle transport on InterCity trains must always be paid (€5) before the trip because of the limited number of bicycle transport spaces. You can take bicycles directly to the luggage van of blue trains and pay the bicycle transport charge to the conductor. However, groups must agree on bicycle transport beforehand.

Can I transport a bike on commuter trains?

You can transport bicycles free of charge on commuter trains.

I would like to take my bicycle with me on a long-distance train. Is that possible?

You can transport a bike as hand luggage. The bicycle fee is EUR 5. Transporting a bike is possible on most long-distance trains (InterCity trains, night/day express trains that transport luggage, and some regional trains). The possibility to transport a bike is indicated in timetables with a bike icon (InterCity trains) or a suitcase icon (blue trains). InterCity train bicycle space should be purchased in advance.

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