Bicycles in the trains

See the bicycle transportation fees and purchasing locations below.
Train Bicycle transport fee Location Please note!
InterCity-trains (long-distance) 5 € A bicycle space must be booked in advance when purchasing a ticket from ticket sales or the VR Online Shop. Customers should bring the bicycle to the bicycle space in the double-decker wagon of InterCity trains where it is possible to lock the bicycle with a 50 cent coin. The coin is returned when the bicycle is removed from the bicycle stand after the journey.
Luggage carrying express and regional trains Bicycle transport fee 5 €
tandem bicycle or Bicycle + trailer 10 €
Service purchased at a VR station Service
paid to on-board conductor
Commuter trains Free of charge   Kickbikes are equalled with bicycles.
Trains to Russia Free of charge

Bicycles may be transported if they are packed into a luggage-sized casing (60x100x40 cm). Bikes may have to be disassembled to fit within these dimensions.

Without the casing bicycles may not be transported.