Basic ticket

The Basic ticket is the most common ticket for Eco Class. Buy Basic tickets from VR Mobile, VR Online and at all other ticket purchasing locations. You can change your ticket before departure for a 5 € fee. If necessary, you may cancel your trip by paying the 5–13 € Cancellation insurance.


The Basic ticket is valid for the date and train indicated on the ticket. You can change the date and time of travel (not the route) before your trip for a change fee. You can cancel your ticket with Cancellation Insurance.

The Basic ticket can be used by adults, juniors, students, pensioners and persons in non-military service who receive a discount on the trip.


When travelling with a Basic ticket, assistants of the disabled may travel free of charge.

Travel in comfort

You can upgrade your passenger comfort by purchasing an Extra Class seat or seat in the upper deck compartment of the Restaurant Car for your Basic ticket. The price of seat bookings depends on the distance travelled.


Terms and conditions


Check the price of a Basic ticket for the desired route from the VR Online Shop. When purchasing tickets from a station ticket office or R-kiosk, a 1 € service surcharge added to the price of each ticket.


Children (4–16 yrs.) 40%, students 30%, pensioners 20% off the normal Basic ticket price. Children under the age of 4 can travel free of charge if they do not have a seat.

Travel class


Purchasing locations

Buy a Basic ticket from all purchasing locations including: VR Mobile, the VR Online Shop, at our ticket offices or ticket vending machines, R-kiosk, by phone from VR Customer Care, railcar ticket machines, onboard the train from the conductor, and from travel agencies and VR sales agents/Matkahuolto service points (see more information).

How to pay

You can pay directly for the Basic ticket at VR Mobile, the VR Online Shop, ticket vending machines or onboard the train to the conductor.

For tickets bought at other purchasing locations:

  • If train tickets are booked 60–1 days before the journey they must be paid within 24 h.

  • If train tickets are booked less than 24 h before the departure they must be paid 30 minutes before departure at the latest.

  • If train tickets are booked less than 30 minutes before the departure they must be paid upon booking. If the reservation is not paid within the deadline the reservation will be cancelled.

How to get the tickets

Pick up the ticket at the station, print it yourself or have the ticket sent to you as an e-mail or as an SMS to your mobile phone.


Basic tickets may be changed at ticket offices or by phone from VR Customer Support tel. 0800 166 888 (free of charge, Mon–Sun from 7 to 22) before departure (service charge 5 €/change/person). The date or time of departure can be changed (not the route or the direction). Please note that a service fee of one euro will be charged in addition to other possible fees at the station ticket sales.

If a ticket is changed for a more expensive train service the difference in prices is charged. The difference is not refunded when changing to a less expensive departure.


You may cancel a Basic ticket before your train's departure, provided that you have paid the 5–13 € Cancellation insurance upon purchasing the ticket. You can claim your refund at station ticket offices or VR Customer Care; refunds may be claimed from R-kioski convenience stores only if the tickets were purchased there. Read more on the Cancellation insurance


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Frequently asked questions

Will each passenger need their own mobile device for displaying the electronic train ticket? Can for example a child's ticket be displayed on the mobile device of the parent who is also travelling?

The passenger (e.g. child) doesn't need a mobile device of his or her own to display the train ticket. You can choose the child's and the whole family's tickets to be delivered to one mobile device and show them together upon inspection.

How many ticket types can be selected simultaneously?

Three different ticket types can be selected at one time and in total a maximum of 10 passengers.

What commuter tickets can I buy through VR Mobile?

Commuter services zone area single tickets can be purchased through VR Mobile.

How many days before the trip can I buy tickets through mobile ticketing?

Train tickets can be purchased up to 130 days before departure through mobile ticketing. 

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