Car transport terms and conditions


The following are accepted for transportation by VR in the trains specified in the passenger services timetables:

  • roadworthy passenger cars, station wagons and vans
  • trailers coupled to such vehicles of dimensions permitted for transport in car-carrier wagons
  • motorcycles and other motor vehicles

Car transport wagons and ramps are designed for normal production vehicles.

VR offers the following car transport services:

  • CarTrain packages, including car transport, travel and berth tickets (maximum 3 compartments) for the car driver and passengers (1-5 persons).
  • Car transport only whereupon only the car is transported.

If the vehicle cannot be transported on the same train as the passengers it will be carried to the destination station in the five days before or after they travel under the CarTrain packages terms and conditions.

Passengers' luggage may be stored in the vehicle, or on a roof rack or trailer during transport. Only skis, suitcases or travel bags are permitted on the roof in accordance with the dimensions restrictions below, appropriately fastened to a rack, and protected against adverse weather conditions and any loss or damage. Other types of roof load such as canoes, bicycles or other large objects may not be transported by cars on car-carrier wagons.

During shunting work and transportation, access to the car, trailer or other parts of the car-carrier wagon by the driver or other passengers is strictly prohibited.


Restrictions concerning vehicle weight and dimensions

Cars are transported in two types of wagons: completely covered and partially covered wagons.

The maximum height of cars transported on the lower deck of partially covered car-carrier wagons including roof rack and load is 1.65 m and in completely covered car-carrier wagons 1.84 m.

The maximum height of cars transported on the upper deck of partially covered car-carrier wagons including roof rack and load is depending on the location of the car space 2.05 m, 2.30 m or 2.60 and in completely covered car-carrier wagons 2.04 m. In the completely covered car-carrier wagons the narrowing shape of the roof must be taken into account meaning that

  • a car which is 2.04 m high may be a maximum of 1.70 m wide at roof level
  • cars 1.84 m high may be a maximum of 2.20 m wide at roof level

The shape of the roof limits the transport of larger vans because the narrow space prevents the opening of side doors and it is not possible to enter or exit the car normally.

In completely covered car-carrier wagons the maximum weight of the transported car is 3 000 kg, and axle or bogie load may not exceed 2 000 kg or in partially covered car-carrier wagons the total weight may not exceed 2 500 kg, and axle or bogie load may not be greater than 1 400 kg.

The maximum permissible width of the car is 2.20 m, and maximum length with load 5.05 m. Should the car to be transported exceed these measures, two car-carrier spaces must be booked.

Wheel chocks require 15 cm in front of and behind the wheels.

Maximum dimensions of caravans are: length with tow bar 7.50 m, width 2.20 m and height including antennae and other parts above the roof 2.60 m. Maximum weight is 1 400 kg.

Maximum dimensions for trailers including any loads: length 5.00 m and width 2.20 m. Smallest maximum height is 1.60 m (lower deck of a partially covered car-carrier wagon). Maximum weight including load is 1 400 kg.

Passengers are responsible for providing the correct information when placing the order.

VR has the right to inspect the loading of vans or trailers with a top also in the rear compartment for safety reasons.


Reservations and payment

CarTrain packages can be purchased or booked at station ticket offices, from VR Customer Care, VR Online Shop or travel agencies in accordance with the terms and conditions of booking. Car transport only can be purchased or booked from station ticket offices or VR Customer Care.

All bookings made in advance must be paid within 24 hours. If there is less than 24 hours or less until the train's departure CarTrain packages or car spaces are paid upon booking.

When making the reservation customers must state whether the car has a ski box or other roof load and any other luggage transported outside the car in addition to the car's dimensions.

Car make-specific loading requirements must be stated especially in winter time car transports.

A separate car space must always be booked for trailers.


Terms and conditions governing changes and cancellations

CarTrain package tickets may be changed or cancelled up to 7 days before the train's departure. A percentage of the CarTrain package price, stated online, is collected as change or cancellation fee.


Loading and unloading

The vehicle may be loaded onto the train and unloaded by the driver or, if this has been agreed at the time when the reservation was made, the loading can be performed by VR.

Cars with a ground clearance which is smaller than normally, motor cycles and other motor vehicles and car-trailer combinations shall always be loaded and unloaded by the driver. VR may refuse to load or unload vehicles with such a width at roof top in proportion to its height that it prevents normal entering and exiting the vehicle.

Cars loaded onto the train shall be at the loading site at the time marked on the car transport ticket at the latest. Cars which arrive after the loading time has ended are not loaded. The car must be locked during transport and car air vents shall be closed.

The car transport ticket does not guarantee a specific space but confirms the sufficiency of space required by the vehicle.

If the customer and VR have agreed when the reservation was made that VR loads the vehicle it shall be delivered on departure date well in advance before the start of the loading time to the indicated car park and the car keys shall be taken to the departure station's ticket office or station office. In these cases VR loads the car onto the train and takes the car keys to the destination station where they can be picked up at the ticket office and station office. Connecting the car engine heater to the power socket before, during and/or after transport must be agreed when handing the car keys to VR.

At the destination station car drivers shall immediately go to the car unloading site.

If the car has been loaded onto an uncovered car wagon deck during winter the customer shall check before starting the engine that there is no snow or ice in the engine room.



When VR takes care of car loading and unloading from the train, VR's liability for the car starts with its loading and ends when the car has been unloaded from the wagon to its appropriate parking location. When customers load the car onto the train and unload it, VR is only responsible for the transport of the car.

Customers are responsible for the fastening of ski boxes or goods onto car luggage racks and any damage caused by them. VR is not liable for goods lost or damaged during transport due to faulty fastening of packing.

VR is not liable for damage caused by snow or ice to a car engine upon ignition.

If the car or trailer brought for loading is substantially different from the one announced to VR, VR may refuse transport.

VR is not liable for damage caused by incorrect car information provided by customers.

VR is not liable if the car cannot be loaded due to a reasons beyond VR's control.

Car parking at the station car park is always at the responsibility of the customer.

If there is reason to believe that the car or any exterior equipment has incurred damage during transport VR's staff must be immediately notified before exiting the unloading site.


Validity of VR Car Transport Terms and Conditions

These Car Transport Terms and Conditions come into effect on 1 January 2013 as an attachment to the VR Conditions of Carriage and are valid until further notice.

VR Car Transport Terms and Conditions are available at ticket offices, R-kiosks, travel agencies selling train tickets and online at

VR reserves the right to change these Car Transport Terms and Conditions. The new terms and conditions are posted on VR's website.