Allegro tickets – from Helsinki to St. Petersburg

The Allegro train takes you quickly and in comfort to the centre of this bustling metropolis. Ticket prices vary on the basis of season and departure. Your own choices can affect the price of the journey, during the day there are several train services in different price ranges.

Sample ticket prices

The sample ticket prices are valid, when the train ticket to Allegro is purchased no later than 24 hours before the train is leaving. Ticket prices vary depending on the season. Allegro tickets are also flexible, as you can change or cancel the tickets 6 hours before departure. The price for changes and cancellations is 10€ / passenger.

  • Helsinki–St. Petersburg starting from €39

  • Lahti–St. Petersburg starting from €30

  • Kouvola–St. Petersburg staring from €26


Make use of Allegro’s advance price!

Travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg for 29 € in 2nd class and for 69 € in 1st class.  The advance price from 29 € is valid on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday departures 1.5.–30.9.2020  when you purchase your ticket 60–90 days in advance.

The advance price is also valid for all other stops along the way: Tikkurila, Lahti, Kouvola and Vainikkala.

Connections with Allegro

You can also travel easily from the other stations to St. Petersburg, there are good connections to Allegro. You get the most affordable price by purchasing a Saver ticket for the connection in Finland and then the cheapest departure of the day for Allegro to which you can change.


Purchase you Allegro train tickets

You can purchase the tickets earliest 90 days before the journey. Check out exact prices by departure date and time from the VR Online Shop. Remember that you need a visa, when traveling to Russia.

Add students, children, seniors...


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Looking for timetables between Finland and Russia?

Check Allegro and Tolstoi timetables easily from here.

Timetables between Finland and Russia

Travel easy with Allegro

Allegro has four departures per day from Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The train offers an easy way to travel east and the journey onboard is fast and flexible. We have put together some tips for travelling to St. Petersburg.

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