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Christmas period tickets on sale now!

The much-awaited Christmas period tickets can be bought starting from Monday 16 October. On Monday, you can buy tickets for domestic long-distance trains departing before or on 7 January. Each day, the period you can buy tickets for moves forward by one day. For example:

  • on Tuesday 17 October 2017, you can buy tickets for trains departing before or on 8 January 2018

  • on Wednesday 18 October 2017, you can buy tickets for trains departing before or on 9 January 2018

  • on Thursday 19 October 2017, you can buy tickets for trains departing before or on 10 January 2018

When buying tickets via the online shop, you will always see the period for which tickets can be bought.

Tickets for the winter holiday period will go on sale starting Friday 24 November. In future, the aim is that train tickets can be bought for any day within the entire validity period of the timetable that is valid at each particular moment.

Christmas period tickets from the online shop




Timetables for 10.12.2017–17.6.2018 published

Timetables that are valid 10.12.2017–17.6.2018 have been published and you can find them easily from the Online Shop.

Timetables from the Online Shop




Pasila station closed on 19 June: Pasila temporary station serves passengers

New routes will be in use as of Monday 19 June 2017, as the old station will be closed for passengers permanently. The temporary Pasila station will continue serving the passengers as it has since 4 April.

Passengers travelling via Pasila are requested to pay attention to changes in the routes and to follow the signs at the station. For example, the route from the Opastinsilta Bridge to the Pasila station square will be closed as both the old station and the square in front of it are part of the construction site.

Temporary Pasila station

Three VR ticket machines are available at the temporary station and tickets for VR can also be bought from the R-Kioski opened at the station. The station will also serve as a waiting area. Pasila station's drop-off/pick-up point, taxi point, bicycle parking and assistance point will be located at the temporary station, in Veturitori.

The exceptional arrangements will apply until the autumn of 2019, when the new Pasila station and Mall of Tripla will be finished.

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