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Commuter traffic timetables to change on 27 March

Commuter traffic timetables are changing as of 27 March 2016. The most important changes will come to traffic travelling in the direction of Kirkkonummi, Riihimäki and Lahti. The timetables of the city rail link trains (A, I, K, N and P) will remain mostly the same.

Riihimäki direction

The R- and H-trains will be combined into a new R-train with the following stops: Helsinki, Pasila, Tikkurila, Kerava, Ainola, Järvenpää, Saunakallio, Jokela, Hyvinkää and Riihimäki. R trains will run at more regular intervals of 30 minutes. Traffic frequency will decline to hourly runs in the evening after 21:00: likewise, trains will run for a longer period of one-hour intervals on weekend mornings.
The unmarked trains running at the moment during rush hours will be combined into the new peak-period D-line. The D-line trains will stop at the following stations: Helsinki, Pasila, Tikkurila, Järvenpää, Hyvinkää and Riihimäki.
T-trains will no longer serve the Purola and Nuppulinna stations. T-train traffic will decrease as some of the night T-trains are replaced by R-trains, which offer a faster late-evening/night connection for zone area traffic passengers travelling from Helsinki in the direction of Riihimäki. HSL is increasing N-train traffic to replace the intermediate station traffic between Helsinki and Kerava.

Lahti direction

Traffic on Oikorata (the Direct Line) will start later at weekends and end each day a little earlier. On weekdays, the first Z-train will arrive in Helsinki at 6:52 and the last one will leave Helsinki at 22:12. With small exceptions, the Z-train will run at intervals of one hour throughout its period of operation. 

Towards Kirkkonummi (HSL traffic)

HSL will combine the S- and U-trains into new U-trains, which will no longer stop at Mankki and Luoma.  U-trains will mainly run at 30-minute intervals.
Y-train traffic to Karjaa will stop altogether. Y-trains will continue to run between Siuntio and Helsinki weekdays, eight times a day.  Espoo and Huopalahti, which provide convenient exchange points to the airport, will become new stops for the Y-train. 
In addition to the Y-train, a faster train marked X will run between Helsinki and Kirkkonummi twice a day.  The X-train will stop at the same stations as the Y-train.
L-trains will no longer stop at Mankki and Luoma; otherwise, the changes to the L-train timetables are small.

City rail links (HSL traffic)

The timetables of the city rail link trains (A, I, K, N and P) will remain mostly the same. N-trains will be added only to late-evening traffic. In addition, HSL will extend evening I-train operation: the line will have a new departure at 23:29 from Helsinki.