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Train is the safest way to see the magical fall colors of Lapland – tickets for six new night trains are on sale now

The high season for Lapland’s magical fall is right around the corner. Due to high demand, we have added extra night trains to Kolari and Rovaniemi for September. On a night train you get to sleep safely in your own sleeper car and you can also transport your car on a car-carrier train.

Buy your night train tickets here.

Extra night trains:


  • Sat 12th September from Helsinki to Kolari
  • Thu 17th and Sat 19th September from Helsinki to Rovaniemi


  • Sun 13th September from Kolari to Helsinki
  • Fri 18th and Sun 20th September from Rovaniemi to Helsinki

On fall holiday weeks (on sale from September 8.9.)

  • Sat 10th and Sat 17th October from Helsinki to Kolari

  • Sun 11th and Sun 18th October from Kolari to Helsinki

  • Sun 11th and Thu 15th October from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

  • Mon 12th and Fri 16th October from Rovaniemi to Helsinki

31 August 2020

Some trains don't stop at Jorvas station

Some U, L and X trains don't stop at Jorvas station at the moment. The train station platforms are shorter than normally due to ongoing renovation by The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. It's not possible to open all the doors of the longer, two-section trains at the station.

When a conductor is onboard the train, the doors of the back section will be closed during the stop at Jorvas. Passengers can exit only from the the first section. It is not possible to move between the two sections inside the train. If you are getting off at Jorvas station, make sure you travel in the first section of the train, nearer the locomotive.

Even though we aim to have a conductor onboard as many U, L and X trains as possible, some trains will operate without one. In that case, trains will pass Jorvas without stopping to make sure passengers won’t exit the train to the construction area outside the platform.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency will build a temporary extension to the platfrom within two weeks. After that we will be able to stop normally at Jorvas. We will make announcements in the train about these temporary arrangements on all U, L and X trains. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.


17 August 2020

Rail work on the Coastal Railway line is prolonged – 10–25 minutes of delays for long-distance trains, high-speed morning and afternoon train services temporarily unavailable

The track work commissioned by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency on the Coastal Railway line will last longer than expected, and this affects long-distance rail traffic between Helsinki and Turku. Due to speed limits in place during the track work, long-distance trains sometimes run 10 to 25 minutes behind schedule. In addition, the morning and afternoon high-speed train services between Helsinki and Turku are currently unavailable. Local rail traffic is running normally.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has commissioned track work on the Helsinki–Turku coastal line, which is why it is not possible for trains to run at normal speed along the route. Because the speed restrictions are in effect for longer than expected, customers must be prepared for delays of 10 to 25 minutes on long-distance trains between Helsinki and Turku.

In addition, the fast morning and afternoon train services between Helsinki and Turku are cancelled for the time being. The purpose of the early cancellation is to minimise the impact of the railway works on rail traffic and to ensure that switching connections remain as smooth as possible. On weekdays, there have been two fast train services which stop only in Pasila and Kupittaa in addition to Helsinki and Turku: From Turku to Helsinki at 07:05 and from Helsinki to Turku at 16:06 (S 975 and S 976).

We will do our best to communicate with all customers who have purchased a ticket between Helsinki and Turku or to intermediate stations for the next few weeks. In the case of ticket changes, customers can also contact our customer services directly, tel. +358 800 166 88 (Mon-Fri 5 am to 10 pm, free of charge). 

13 August 2020

New safety measures on trains – VR recommends passengers wear face masks in line with the official recommendation

VR strongly recommends the use of face masks in commuter and long-distance traffic. However, face masks are not obligatory and passengers are permitted to travel without a face mask. VR continues to sell face masks to passengers on long-distance trains. A face mask that covers the mouth and nose costs EUR 3.00 and can be purchased from conductors on long-distance trains or at the VR service points in Helsinki and Tampere before a journey.

In its new guidelines, THL recommends the use of face masks on public transport where close contact cannot always be avoided. The recommendation applies to hospital districts that have reported coronavirus infections over the past two weeks.  
VR’s face mask recommendation covers all train journeys in commuter and long-distance traffic. This is because trains can have passengers who have boarded in different districts in Finland. In order to make the recommendation clear and protect all our passengers as effectively as possible, we extended the recommendation to cover all train passengers.
We hope that as many passengers as possible wear a face mask. However, we also understand that wearing a face mask is not always possible; for example, due to health-related reasons. As this is a recommendation, we do not require passengers to wear face masks. Our conductors will instruct passengers on the train, as needed, and remind those travelling without a face mask of the new recommendation.

We have taken a range of safety measures to improve the safety of our passengers and personnel. Read more about our safety measures at:

23 July 2020

Now you can book an empty seat next to you when purchasing a train ticket 

We are introducing the long-awaited opportunity to book an empty seat next to you! You can purchase an empty seat in the online shop, by calling VR’s customer care at 0600 41 900 (EUR 1.99 per answered call + local network charge) or by visiting VR’s service points at stations. An empty seat is clearly cheaper than a normal ticket: for instance, with adults’ Saver Ticket for the journey from Helsinki to Tampere (EUR 8.90), the price of booking an empty seat next to you is EUR 3.20, which will be added to the train ticket price.

  • You can find an empty seat at when you choose “Empty seat next to me” as the other ticket type in addition to your own ticket type

  • Check the coach map to ensure that the empty seat is next to you

  • When travelling, take both the empty seat document and your train ticket with you. The empty seat document alone cannot be used as a ticket on the train.

  • You can also purchase an empty seat in the Ekstra Class, the upstairs of the restaurant car and a coach with pet area, provided that the seat is next to you

  • The empty seat is subject to the same cancellation terms and conditions as the actual train ticket

Buy empty seat next to you on!

8 July 2020

More train services to facilitate remote workers’ return to offices in August: tickets for the autumn available on 14 July

In August, when commuting picks up, we will take another step towards the normal situation by adding train services in both long-distance and commuter traffic as of 10 August. Tickets for the autumn will become available on Tuesday, 14 July. We will add more train services as the Government’s remote work recommendation ends. Starting from 14 July, day train tickets through 24 October and night train and car-carrier tickets through 12 December will become available for purchase.

At the beginning of August, the summer’s track work will also end and commuter traffic timetables will return to normal. For instance, the R, D, T and Z commuter trains return to normal intervals as of 10 August when the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s bridge work in Pukinmäki ends. Traffic on the G line between Riihimäki and Lahti will also return to normal starting from 10 August.

30 June 2020

We are closing down the website and the VR Lähijunat app: In the future, VR commuter train and long-distance traffic tickets can be bought in the same sales channels

We are constantly developing our sales channels by introducing new functionalities and gradually closing our old sales channels. In the future, all VR commuter train ticket products can be bought from the VR Matkalla mobile app or on the website. We are now closing down the separate sales channels of VR commuter train tickets: the VR Lähijunat mobile app and the website. The latest new feature is that now the renewed VR's commuter season ticket is available in the VR Matkalla mobile app. You can also find multi-tickets for long-distance and commuter trains from the app. Long-distance traffic season tickets are still available in the familiar and safe

22 June 2020

Changes to night train traffic between Turku and Rovaniemi

The next scheduled departure of the direct night train from Turku to Rovaniemi is in December 2020. This is due to track work between Tampere and Seinäjoki. However, passengers can take a day train to Tampere or Helsinki and board a night train to Rovaniemi there. If you want to travel north with your car, you must drive to Helsinki or Tampere and load your car on a car-carrier wagon.

22 June 2020

Replacement bus services due to track work in Karjaa-Salo and Helsinki-Turku during 19–25 July

Trains will operate between Helsinki and Karjaa at longer intervals, but there will also be a direct bus connection from Helsinki to Turku. Between Karjaa and Salo, there will be a one-week interruption in the train service and trains will be replaced with buses.

22 June 2020

Schedule changes to commuter trains R, Z, K and D during 15.6.–9.8.

Due to the Kehä I bridge construction in Pukinmäki, the R and Z trains operate a reduced service outside rush hours. During rush hours the R train runs approximately twice in an hour. Outside rush hours and on weekends the R train runs only once in an hour.

The Z train schedule will change too. The D train does not run over the summer. The K trains run every 20 minutes from Monday to Friday 6–19 during 15.6.–9.8. Extra cars are added to the train during weekdays.

15 June 2020

Our customer service will also assist passengers during Midsummer

On the Midsummer weekend 19–21 June, you will find help with matters related to train trips on Facebook, Twitter from 9:30 a.m–6 p.m. and by calling our customer service from 9 a.m.–7 p.m.

The customer service point of Helsinki Central Railway Station is open on Midsummer Eve 19 June from 9 a.m.–1 p.m., closed on Midsummer Day 20 June and open again as normal on Sunday 21 June from 9 a.m.–7 p.m.

We wish you a good Midsummer!

15 June 2020

Railroad work during Midsummer 

Plenty of railroad work will be carried out again during Midsummer in order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the tracks. Read more about railroad work on the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s website. Railroad work will cause changes to train travel during Midsummer. Important information about replacement buses can be found here.

Helsinki–Turku Coastal Railway

On Midsummer Day 20 June, the long-distance trains between Kirkkonummi–Helsinki will be replaced with buses 
From 2 a.m. on Saturday 20 June and 8 a.m. on Sunday 21 June, U and L trains will only run to Kauklahti, where a replacement bus is organised for passengers travelling on to Kirkkonummi. Read more on HSL’s website.


Some train services between Turku–Tampere will be replaced with buses on Midsummer Day 20 June and Sunday 21 June.


All train services will be replaced with buses on Midsummer Day 20 June.


All train services will be replaced with buses from 12 noon on Midsummer Eve, Friday 19 June, and 12 midnight on Sunday 21 June. The train services between Tampere–Orivesi will also be replaced with buses. Trains run as normal from Orivesi to Haapamäki.

Eastern Finland

Trains will be replaced with buses between Lappeenranta–Joensuu and between Parikkala–Savonlinna from approx. 7 p.m. on Midsummer Eve, Friday 19 June, until 11 a.m. on Sunday 21 June.


4 June 2020

Restaurant cars back in service on 15 June

Restaurant cars will be back in service as of Monday 15 June. Restaurant cars will serve passengers in accordance with the current restrictions and alcohol is served only until 10 pm. According to the current restrictions, restaurant cars can utilise only half of their normal customer capacity. However, customers are allowed eat restaurant car dishes also at their own seats, for instance. Further information on the measures that we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers and personnel in these exceptional circumstances can be found here.

4 June 2020

You must buy train tickets in advance temporarily for long-distance trains

Train tickets are not sold on the trains from 15 June. This is due we want to ensure that there are enough seats for every customer. Our mission is to avoid overcrowded traffic trains. You can buy train tickets from VR Matkalla app, website, website, and ticket vending machine.

Also, you can purchase tickets from R-kioski and our stations with ticket sales in Helsinki and Tampere which are opening next week.

3 June 2020

Station name changes

From now on, Pännäinen railway station will be known as Pietarsaari-Pedersöre. Pietarsaari station will be Pietarsaari (center).


Summer season train tickets on sale 9 June

We will bring summer train tickets on sale on Tuesday 9 June at 9. Then you can buy train tickets for the period 15 June–9 August.

We will operate 85% of normal train traffic from 15 June. At the same time, we will bring back tickets for night and car-carrier trains and increase train services, e.g. Kokkola, Kemi, Jyväskylä and Kajaani. Also Hanko, Tammisaari and Savonlinna can be reached by train instead of by bus.

Find out the summer train services in advance.


VR wins the HSL commuter train traffic tender 

VR has won the first tender in history for HSL commuter train traffic. The decision on the winner was made by the Helsinki Region Transport’s (HSL) Board of Directors at its meeting on 5 May 2020. The contract period is 10 years and the tendered traffic begins operating in June 2021. 

The operation of commuter train traffic and the maintenance of vehicles in the HSL area are included in the contract. The contract concerning commuter train traffic covers HSL's entire traffic on the Ring Rail Line, on the Coastal Railway from Helsinki to Siuntio and on the main line all the way to Kerava. This means more than seven million train traffic kilometres and more than 70 million journeys a year.


Customer service opening hours from 4 May

Our customer care tel. 0600 41 900, customer support tel. 0800 166 888 and multi-ticket seat reservation tel. 0800 133 300 will help you on Monday–Friday at 7–20 and on weekends at 9–19.


Customer service on social media on 4 May–14 June

We will help you on Facebook and Twitter on Monday–Friday at 8–20, on weekends and Bank holidays at 9.30–18.


Waiting rooms on some stations temporarily closed

Due to the coronavirus situation we are closing the waiting rooms on some railway stations from 22 April.
Waiting rooms will be closed until 31 May on the following stations: Mikkeli, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Kemijärvi, Kolari, Oulainen, Parkano, Siilinjärvi, Toijala, Jämsä, Kannus, Kauhava, Lapua, Iisalmi, Karjaa, Kokkola, Pori and Ylivieska.
Ticket vending machines on these stations are located outside the station building and can be used normally.


Customer service opening hours on 20 April–31 May

Our customer care tel. 0600 41 900, customer support tel. 0800 166 888 and multi-ticket seat reservation tel. 0800 133 300 will help you daily at 7–22.

We help you online on Facebook and Twitter Mon–Fri 7–21, Saturdays 8–20 and Sundays 9–20.



We will cancel connecting buses

Due to the coronavirus situation, we will cancel connecting bus traffic from 1 May for the time being on the routes Kirkkonummi–Karjaa and Vaasa–Seinäjoki. The connecting bus shifts will be on service on 30 May

You can find more detailed information on the previously announced reduced train services and the current traffic situation on the traffic situation page. If you have a ticket for a cancelled train, you can cancel your ticket free of charge. More information at



VR service points closed from 15th of April

Due to the coronavirus situation our service point at Helsinki Central Railway Station will be closed as of 15th of April.

Service points at other railway stations closed already in the beginning of April. Closing our service points is one way of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Our customer service is available via phone and social media as usual. Tickets can also be purchased at R-kiosks around Finland. You can find the contact information for customer service here.



Customer service opening hours during Easter

You can reach our customer service by phone Fri–Mon at 7–22

Customer service on social media is available Fri–Mon at 9–20

You can find the contact information for customer service here



Easter travel

Easter influences train timetables for both long-distance and commuter services. Be sure to check the exact timetable for travel search.
We have listed the exception dates for timetable changes here.

Long-distance traffic

  • On Thursday Friday service

  • Good Friday mainly Sunday service

  • On Easter Monday Sunday service

In addition, some changes to the timetables may occur.

Due to track work in Pasila, trains on Helsinki-Turku route have minor changes in schedule 12–13 April 2020.

VR's commuter traffic

  • On Thursday Friday service

  • Good Friday Sunday service

  • On Easter Monday Sunday service

Track work on the west side of Pasila railway station on Sunday 12 and Monday 13 April as follows:

  • Trains have track changes

  • Some HSL E-trains have been cancelled

  • Exceptionally, some HSL L and U trains have a later departure time than normal

HSL timetables can be found in the Reittiopas.


Changes to VR service point opening hours from 1st of April

Helsinki Central Railway Station service point's opening hours from 1st of April:
Mon–Sun at 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Service points at other railway stations will be closed from 1st of April.
Our customer service is available via phone and social media as usual.
See contact information for customer service



Summer time begins – see timetable changes

On Sunday, March 29th, at 3 a.m., Finland switches to summer time (one hour forward). Night trains will operate under a special timetable and there will also be small changes in some of the commuter train timetables. Simultaneously, there will be some minor, permanent adjustments to some of the Z and R trains’ schedules. Please check the timetables from the Timetable search or your train ticket.



We cancel train departures

Due to the coronasituation, we have to cancel some of our long-distance and VR commuter traffic departures. We will publish a list of cancelled departures on our website If you need to rebook your ticket, please contact our customer service. If you want to cancel your booking, you can do this on our website through our cancellation form. If your travel date is not during the next days, please contact customer service closer to your travel to not overload the customer service.

Conductors help you on train, so don´t hesitate to ask help from them.

Cancellations after 14.4.

Regarding cancellations after 14.4. we will start sending e-mails to those customers that have bought tickets for a cancelled train and delivered the ticket to their e-mail. Mainly we will offer a change to another departure on the same day. If you are contacted, please follow these instructions:

  • If the alternative departure is agreeable, you don’t need to do anything. Your ticket will be accepted in the train as it is, and you do not have to contact customer service.

  • If the alternative departure is not agreeable and you wish to change the departure, please call our free-of-charge number 0800 166 888, Mon–Fri 5–22, Sat–Sun and public holidays 7–22. You can also change your ticket at VR ticket sales in stations. The change is free-of-charge.

  • If the offered departure is not agreeable and you wish to cancel the train journey, you can do this on our website by filling cancellation form. You will be refunded the whole ticket even when you have not bought a cancellation insurance.

  • If the offered alternative departure disrupts a connection that we have offered, please contact our customer service. If you wish to cancel, please use the cancellation form.

Depending on the original ticket’s delivery method we are unfortunately unable to contact everybody on their departure’s cancellation. We recommend you to check whether your departure is on the cancellation list. If you are not contacted, but find your train on the cancellation list, you can change your departure by calling our customer service or cancel your ticket with this cancellation form.



Allegro and Tolstoi trains cancelled until further notice because of the Coronavirus situation 

Allegro and Tolstoi trains operating between Finland and Russia are cancelled until further notice by recommendations from Finland and Russia to curb the spread of coronavirus. 

By Russian directive foreign citizens are not allowed to Russia after 23 Finnish time on 17.3.2020. For now the last Allegro and Tolstoi departures will be operated to insure the return of Finnish and Russian citizens to their home countries.

  • Allegro trains will operate normally between Helsinki and St. Petersburg until Wednesday 18.3.2020, when the last departures will leave from Helsinki to St. Petersburg at 19 and from St. Petersburg to Helsinki at 20.30.

  • The Tolstoi train operating once a day between Helsinki and Moscow will have its final departure from Helsinki on Wednesday 18.3.2020 at 17.44. 

Finnish government recommends that the border between Finland and Russia will be closed for passenger traffic at least until 13.4.2020. These recommendations do not affect cargo. 

The customers will receive a full refund for the cancelled departures. Refunds are handled via cancellation form on our website.

Our customer service is working hard to handle all the cancellations, but it takes more time than usually. We apologize for inconvenience this may cause and we thank our customers for patience.



Book your train tickets for spring and early summer!

Tickets for domestic long-distance and commuter trains are available on March 17th at 9.00 a.m. You can book tickets for the trains for the period between May 4th and June 14th, 2020.

We will release timetables for Midsummer traffic later in the spring.

See new timetables here.


Our customer service is congested

The coronavirus causes a lot of questions, and due to the situation, our customer service is momentarily heavily overloaded. We are working hard to help all our customers and to answer all your questions, but unfortunately our response time is exceptionally long at the moment.

We have compiled an information package on the coronavirus and rail travel. We will continuously update our website. We have also taken the exceptional situation into account in issues concerning the changing of tickets.

Thank you for your patience. 


Body temperature checks for Allegro passengers in Russia

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 situation, Russian authorities conduct random body temperature checks for Allegro passengers. Russian authorities are responsible for these measurements and they are only implemented in Russia. Please note, that if a passenger is detected with a fever, the Russian authorities may direct them to a hospital in St. Peterburg for further testing.



Allegro tickets on sale March 18!

Allegro tickets for UEFA Euro 2020 matches in St. Petersburg will go on sale March 18, 7 a.m.! Tickets are on sale up until June 25. 

We have added extra seats for a number of shifts and there are also a few shifts during the night. We will refine our timetables later here.

You can also travel to Russia for visa-free travel on the Allegro and Tolstoy trains with the FAN ID, which you get with the European Championship ticket. Fan ID entitles you to cross the border from Russia from May 30 to July 3 and leave May 30 to July 13, so you can visit Russia with the same FAN ID multiple times.

Please note that train ticket prices vary by season and departure time.


Choose train and travel smoothly to St. Petersburg city center by train!


Christmas and New Year travel summary

Christmas and New Year are a busy time on our trains and it's a good to pack some Christmas spirit with you when travel. If you've already taken care of your ticket shopping, great! Have a nice journey. If you're still thinking to buy train tickets, don't worry, you still have time. But we recommend to act quickly, as the tickets are selling fast.

Below you can check the exception schedules for traffic and our customer service.

Thank you for traveling with us. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Long-distance traffic

Christmas Eve 24.12. the train service will slow down after 6 pm and start on the morning of Christmas Day. On Boxing Day December 26th trains run according to Sunday schedules.

Commuter traffic

Christmas Eve 24.12. in VR commuter traffic trains run until 4 pm according to Sunday timetables, after which the train service will be reduced. HSL trains follow the Sunday schedule.T

Track maintenance will be done between Helsinki Central Station and Pasila railway station on Christmas night. Commuter trains will be replaced by bus line 699X between Pasila and Helsinki at 00–08. VR train tickets are valid for replacement bus. Read more.

Christmas Day 25.12. VR commuter traffic runs at reduced frequency until noon, after which we follow Sunday schedules. In HSL traffic, there is also a reduced frequency. Check HSL schedules.

On Boxing Day December 26th traffic is driven on a Sunday schedule.

New Year

Long-distance traffic

On New Year's Eve is normal traffic. On New Year's Day 1.1. trains run mainly on Sunday schedules. On Epiphany 6.1. trains run according to Sunday schedules.


Commuter traffic

On New Year's Eve commuter trains adhere to Friday timetables and HSL has added L, I and P trains.

On New Year's Day 1.1. trains run according to Sunday schedules. On Epiphany 6.1. trains run according to Sunday schedules.

All timetables can be found in journey planner.


Customer Service

Our customer service will assist you with train travel by telephone and on Facebook and Twitter during Christmas holidays.

Service hours of Customer Service tel. 0600 41 900 and Customer Support tel. 0800 166 888:

24.12. 7 am – 4 pm
25.12. 9 am – 10 pm
26.12. 7 am – 10 pm
31.12. 5 am – 10 pm
1.1. 7 am – 10 pm
6.1. 7 am – 10 pm

Service hours on Facebook and Twitter:
24.12. 8 am – 5 pm
25.12. 9 am – 8 pm
26.12. 9 am – 8 pm
31.12. 7 am – 9 pm
1.1. 9 am – 8 pm
6.1. 9 am – 8 pm

Railway stations

There are also changes in opening hours of railways stations during holidays. You can find the exceptional opening hours on the station pages.



More routes than before

New timetable period begins on 15 December. With the new timetables, travelling will be significantly improved throughout Finland. There will be more departures, faster connections and more passenger seats available. Below we have listed some of our picks from the new service connections of the new timetable period. As always, specific timetables can be found by using trip search.

The connections between Helsinki and Seinäjoki are improved. In the future, there will be a train service departing both directions almost every hour between early morning and late evening.

The journey between Seinäjoki and Oulu will become 15 minutes quicker on average, and the journey can be completed in as little as 2.5 hours.

In the future, it will also be possible to travel from Helsinki to Vaasa with an early-morning service that arrives in Vaasa at 9:19 a.m. Respectively, there will be a service to Helsinki departing from Vaasa at 8:31 p.m.

There will no longer be a need to change trains on the services between Oulu and Helsinki and the travel time will be shorter. The amount of direct services will increase from 10 to 16 services per weekday. There will be a daily train service departing at 4:27 p.m. from Oulu to Helsinki that stops at all minor stations before Tampere.

Many services have been added to the connections between Kouvola and the Kotka port railway station. From December onwards, there will be a late-evening departure from Kouvola to Kotka at 8:37 p.m. whereas before, the latest service has departed before 6 p.m. From the Kotka port railway station, there will be two new evening connections to Kouvola departing at 8:37 p.m. and 10:15 p.m.

In the morning, it is possible to travel directly from Helsinki to Rovaniemi without changing trains, and there are two direct services every morning from Rovaniemi to Helsinki.

A new direct service: departure from Kuopio towards Helsinki in the morning via Jyväskylä and Tampere and back in the afternoon.

We will be adding considerably more long-distance and commuter traffic services between Helsinki and Tampere. For example, an additional service departing from Helsinki at 4:40 p.m. also stops in Pasila, Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna (but doesn’t stop in Tikkurila, Toijala or Lempäälä).

Tampere commuter trains
The M-train starts commuter train services in Pirkanmaa. 

Read more about Pirkanmaa’s M-train and its services (in Finnish).

There will be improvements to the night services, such as a daily Z-train service departing at 11:59 p.m. from Helsinki to Lahti. In the weekends, there will be a Z-train departure from Helsinki to Lahti at 1:25 a.m. and from Lahti to Helsinki at 12:30 a.m.

On weekdays, there will be a new morning connection departing from Kouvola to Lahti at 4:50 a.m. and without stop overs directly to Helsinki, arriving at 6:34 a.m. There is also a daily evening service departing at 11:59 p.m. from Helsinki and arriving to Kouvola at 1:38 a.m.

The extremely popular service from Helsinki to Joensuu at 4:19 p.m. will now fit more passengers as the Pendolino train will be replaced with an Intercity train that has more passenger seats. Passengers travelling to Kuopio will have to change trains in Kouvola.

There will be twice as many services between Keuruu and Tampere. The popular business services from Vilppula to Tampere arriving by 8 a.m. and departing from Tampere after 4 p.m. will remain as usual.

We will increase the number of night trains for the winter season and, therefore, there will be more sleeping berths available.



Independence Day - changes on services

We will celebrate Finland's Independence Day on Friday 6 December. On independence day a Sunday service will operate both long distance traffic and VR commuter traffic. Thursday 5 December a Friday service on commuter traffic. To check your journey, please use the journey planner.

Our customer service is open from 7am to 10pm and on social media channels you will reach us from 9am to 8pm. You can find the exceptional opening hours of the railway stations' service points on the station pages.

Happy Independence Day!


Ticket compensations in the case of possible support strikes

Rautatiealan Unioni RAU has announced possible support strikes that could affect the railways. If the support strikes take place, VR tickets purchased in beforehand can be cancelled free of charge. 

Tickets that have been purchased for the dates affected by the strikes can also be changed to another date without extra charge. More information from our customer support: tel. 0800 166 888 (Mon–Fri at 5–22, Sat–Sun and Bank Holidays at 7–22, free of charge in Finland).

Information regarding impacts of the possible support strikes to train traffic will be updated to our traffic info page.


We are harmonising our long-distance train compartment services and giving up hypoallergenic compartments

We are giving up the separate allergy markings on day trains as of 15 December 2019. As the variety of allergies and sensitivities is so vast and there are tens of thousands of passengers who use our long-distance trains every day, it has not been possible to guarantee a completely allergy-free environment for all passengers. Going forward, our customers with allergies can book any suitable seat, which can be done effortlessly with, for example, the new VR Matkalla mobile app. 

All passenger compartments in our InterCity and Pendolino trains have allergy-friendly materials and, as you book a seat, you can consider, for example, the location of the coach for pets. All of our trains will continue to be non-smoking.

Hypoallergenic compartments in our night trains will become regular sleeping compartments starting with departures on 30 April 2020. All sleeping compartments in night trains, except pet compartments, have allergy-friendly materials.


Christmas and winter time daytrains available on 15th October

Train tickets will come available on the 15th of October at 9 AM for Christmas, winter and Easter holidays. Both long distance and commuter trains are the available for 15.12.2019–29.4.2020.

See timetables (in Finnish)


E-visas are currently unavailable for Allegro trains

E-visas will not become available for Allegro trains on 1 October 2019. According to the Russian authorities, the delay is temporary and is caused by a lack of technical readiness. E-visas will become available for rail traffic later—according to estimates, by 2021 at the latest.

According to Russian authorities, the widespread adoption of e-visas requires having the necessary equipment at all border crossing points. For rail traffic, this means mobile solutions for Russian border control that enable the checking of visas on a moving train.

For the time being, ordinary visas are still required for travelling on an Allegro train. We will monitor the situation and share updates through our various communication channels if there are changes. Further information is  available here.


Thank you for choosing the train so that we all have a world to travel tomorrow, too

On Saturday 21 September we celebrate Zero Emissions Day organised by Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), which has been designed to give the world a break from fossil fuels and raise awareness about the harm caused by carbon emissions.

We want to thank all of you for choosing the train again today. When you travel by train, you reduce your journey’s carbon dioxide emissions by 98% compared to using a private car. Thank you for the sharing this journey for a cleaner climate!


PSD2 increases security in electronic shopping – this is how the change will affect VR’s sales channels

The new European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will enter into force on 14 September 2019 and bring about stronger identification for payments. PSD2 will affect online card payments. In practice, this means additional identification using online banking credentials or your fingerprint, for example. You will find additional information on these additional ways of identification from your own bank.

Buying a ticket will remain the same on the website, at service stations, R-kioskis and on board long-distance trains when buying a ticket from the conductor. In addition, there will be no changes when paying through internet banking or the MobilePay or Siirto applications.

The new VR Matkalla application will use so-called in-app payments, which means that you will accept the purchase directly in the app, and the payment will be charged smoothly without leaving the application.

In the VR Mobile and VR Commuter applications and on the website, strong identification will always be required in the future, also when making small purchases.

With the change, we will start to use the Siirto payment method in the VR Matkalla application that has been requested by customers, and a little later also the Apple Pay payment method (in addition to MobilePay payments).


Cash will not be accepted as payment from 1st of September 

Long-distance train tickets can be purchased only with payment cards from train conductors and railbus vending machines from 1st of September. 
Tickets can be bought before travel from onlineshop, mobile app, ticket vending machines and VR Call Center as well as VR ticket sales, Matkahuolto and R-kiosks. 
Even now 99 % of our customers buy the train ticket in advance or from conductor by using payment cards. Buying tickets in advance will be made easier still with the renewal of sales channel – get your tickets in advance and ensure a seat and have a better chance at cheaper price. 


Timetable season changes from 12th of August onwards

Trains that have not operated during summer, are returning from 12th of August onwards. In long distance traffic the fast pendolinos return to the morning and afternoon traffic to Helsinki-Turku route. In commuter traffic there will be changes to Helsinki-Riihimäki route, as D-trains return. Also the 15:51 R train from Helsinki to Tampere returns. 

See timetables 

Information on HSL commuter train changes can be found from HSL site


Night train tickets available for Christmas, winter and Easter holidays on 20 August 

Berths and car places will come available on the 20th of August at 9 AM for 15.12.2019–29.4.2020. Start planning your upcoming trips already and you’ll be ready to purchase your tickets straight away on 20th of August. With night trains you can travel to Rovaniemi, Oulu, Kemijärvi and Kolari and you can load your car to the train in Helsinki, Tampere or Turku. 

See timetables


Midsummer train traffic and stations' opening hours

During Midsummer weekend there are changes in timetables. Please check the timetables. There are also changes in opening hours of stations where ticket sales. 

Lond distance trains

- On Thursday 20.6. A Friday service will operate
- On Friday 21.6. A Saturday service will operate
- On Saturday 22.6. A Sunday service will operate on morning and forenoon, a Saturday service will operate on afternoon and evening.
- On Sunday 23.6. A Sunday service will operate

Commuter trains

- On Thursday 20.6. A Friday service will operate
- On Friday 21.6. A Saturday service will operate
- On Saturday 22.6. A Sunday service will operate
- On Sunday 23.6. A Sunday service will operate.


Train services replaced by buses

During the summer, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency will carry out track work in different parts of the Finnish railway network, e.g. on track sections between Karjaa and Hanko and between Kotka and Kouvola. During track work, train services will be replaced with busses.

Also track work related to the improvement project of the Helsinki shunting yard (HELRA), is taking place between Helsinki and Pasila and it will affect both long-distance and commuter trains. Because of track work HSL’s commuter trains E- and Y-trains will be replaced by U- and L-trains on weekdays during June 24th – 30th and July 15th – 28th. It is possible that other trains will as well suffer from minor delays and changes in timetable. There can also be changes to the platforms in Pasila, so please check the departure details of your train at the station information monitors.

You can find more information about the exceptional arrangements on our website’s trip search and on the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s website (in Finnish). Additional information about HELRA can be found on HSL’s website and Journey Planner.


Soon you can book tickets for Autumn!

Tickets for domestic day trains will become available for Autumn on June 4th, 2019 at 9 AM.

You can book tickets for the day trains for the period from August 12th until December 14th, 2019. Night trains are already available until December 14th.


Have a look on timetables for Autumn (in Finnish).



Changes between Joensuu and Pieksämäki in June and July

Buses will replace regional trains between Joensuu and Pieksämäki on 3.–5.6. and 10.–14.6. and 8.–10.7.2019. The buses will stop at Heinävesi Matkahuolto instead of  Heinävesi railway station. When planning your journey check the timetables of these buses from journey search on our website.



Soon you can book tickets for summer!

Tickets for domestic day and night trains will become available for summer on April 16th, 2019 at 9 AM.

You can book tickets for the day trains until August 11th and for the night trains until December 14th, 2019. We will be informing additions to the Midsummers traffic later on.

Have a look on summer timetables (in Finnish).


Book your tickets for Easter now!

During Easter holidays the trains will be fully booked and the most popular routes Helsinki–Tampere, Helsinki–Oulu and Helsinki–Seinäjoki are already sold out. CarTrain packages are already sold out on the most popular days.

We have added night train departures for Easter as well as added departures fo Good Friday morning.

See timetables for Easter from our journey search.



Summer time begins – see timetable changes

On Sunday, March 31, Finland changes to summer time (one hour forward). This causes some changes on train timetables.

Long-distance traffic

Night trains departing on Saturday evening, March 30, operate under a special timetable. On Sunday morning, March 31, night trains arrive at their destinations 15 to 55 minutes later than normal. As a result, some connections can change. The passengers traveling on night trains P 270 and IC 274 from Kolari and Kemijärvi cannot make it to their connection train, IC 904, leaving from Tampere at 5.50 am to Turku satama. The train P 270 from Kolari arrives at Tampere at 6.16 am and IC 274 from Kemijärvi arrives at 6.38 am. The next train to Turku departs at 9. Please check the timetables from the Timetable search.

Commuter traffic

  • Coast Line

    • The L train from Helsinki at 3.08 am is cancelled. There is an additional departure from Helsinki at 5:08 am.

  • Main Line

    • The N trains from Helsinki at 3.21 am and 3.51 am depart at 4.21 am and 4.51 am summer time.

    • The N train from Kerava at 3.05 am is cancelled.

    • The T train from Helsinki at 4.21 am departs at 5.21 am summer time.

    • The T train from Riihimäki at 3.56 am departs at 2.56 am winter time.


Timetable change for the Z train

The Z train from Lahti at 9.20 am will depart already at 9.14 am starting on Sunday March 31. On the other stations, the train stops according to normal schedule.


Season ticket prices for 2018 taxation

When you need to know the 2018 VR season ticket prices for taxation purposes, you will find them easily in our online shop as the prices have not changed.




From 1st of September 2019 long-distance train tickets can be bought only with payment cards

Long-distance train tickets can be purchased only with payment cards from train conductors and railbus vending machines from 1st of September.

The popularity of self-service channels affects the decision

Cash purchases on long-distance trains have decreased over the past few years. More than 80% of train tickets are already purchased through self-service channels such as, our mobile app or a vending machine. In addition, tickets can be purchased from VR’s service points at train stations and from VR’s customer service and from R-kioski shops and Matkahuolto.




Purchase your spring train tickets from 29.1.

You can purchase your Easter and spring tickets from Tuesday 29th of January at 9 am. You will be able to purchase your spring tickets for long-distance day trains all the way up to the 16th of June.

Night trains to Lapland are already available for purchase until the 16th of June 2019.


New trains between Helsinki and Tampere and travel to Kolari already in May

From the 1st of April there will be a new S 166 morning train from Tampere to Helsinki. The train departs from Tampere Mon–Fri at 6 am and arrives in Helsinki at 7:36 am. There will also be a new evening train S 195 from Helsinki to Tampere, Mon–Thurs from 21:04–22:52.

This spring the night train between Helsinki and Kolari will operate also in May. The train operates from Helsinki to Kolari on Wednesdays and Fridays, whilst from Kolari to Helsinki on Thursdays and Saturdays.




Wintertime begins – see schedule changes

On Sunday October the 28th Finland changes to wintertime (one hour backwards) which causes some changes on train schedules.

Long-distance traffic

  • Night train travel times take an hour longer and they arrive on schedule according to wintertime.

Commuter traffic

  • L train leaving Helsinki at 4:08am leaves already at 3:08am.
  • T train leaving Helsinki at 4:21am leaves already at 3:21am.
  • T train leaving Riihimäki at 3:53am leaves already at 3:53am.

​International traffic

  • Allegro and Tolstoi trains leave an hour earlier according to wintertime from October 28th onwards.




New train departures and Christmas season tickets from 23rd October

Tickets for new services and day trains for the Christmas period will go on sale on 23 October at 9:00 am.

You can buy long-distance day train tickets for the Christmas period until 6 January 2019 starting from 23 October at 9:00 am.

New train services running from 9 December onwards will also go on sale on 23 October. In December, there will be in total 46 new train services per week:

Travel times between Helsinki and Tampere will also become shorter in December as the speed limits caused by the railroad work carried out by the Finnish Transport Agency will no longer be enforced. From 9 December onwards The travel time on the route will once again be on the average 9 minutes faster, which is particularly good news for commuters.




Purchase spring night and car train tickets starting 24.9.

Start planning your spring trips and you’ll be ready to purchase your tickets next week! On Monday 24th of September from 9 AM you can purchase your night and car tickets all the way up to the 28th of April 2019.

Other long-distance trains (aka. day trains) are available until the 8th of December 2018.




Christmas season night trains on sale from 21.8.2018

Night train tickets as well as CarTrain packages for the Christmas season will be available from 21.8.2018. You can book your tickets up to 6.1.2019.

Berth Saver tickets from 49 €, CarTrain packages from 139 € (sleeping compartment for 1-2 persons + car).

Daytime long-distance trains are currently available until 8.12. 2018.




The night and car-carrier train timetables for 18 June–8 December 2018 were published on 1 March

The night and car-carrier train timetables for 18 June–8 December 2018 were published at 8 a.m. Tickets for night and car-carrier trains can be bought in advance 130 days before the departure, which means that, for example, on 1 March, tickets can be bought for trains up until 9 July.




New timetables as of 25 March – new train services and delays between Helsinki and Tampere

A new timetable period will begin on Sunday 25 March and bring with it 50 new weekly train services. There will be changes to the timetables of departures between Helsinki and Tampere as the poor condition of the track is causing delays. Read more about the changes starting on 25 March from below.


Delays between Helsinki and Tampere

The poor condition of the track between Helsinki and Tampere, or the main line, and different safety equipment and point issues hinder the trains. The Finnish Transport Agency is carrying out track work on the line to fix the issue but, for now, all train service has to be slowed down by approximately 9 minutes. This way, we can ensure that the trains will run as punctually as possible.

Delays will also affect commuter traffic trains

The delays also strongly affect the G, R and D trains running in the commuter traffic area.

You can easily find all timetables from the timetable search. You can also see commuter traffic timetables at


New train service for the spring

A new timetable period brings with it 50 new train services around Finland. There will be more departures between Kotka and Kouvola and Vilppula and Seinäjoki, for instance. You can find the timetables of the new services from the timetable search.

Kokkola–Ylivieska – direct connection from/to Helsinki

Vilppula–Seinäjoki – direct connection from/to Tampere

Kouvola–Port of Kotka


Kuopio–Kajaani – direct connection from/to Helsinki

In addition to the new train services this spring, we will introduce 12 new departures later this year. The new service from Helsinki to Kolari will run from June onwards and from Pori to Tampere from August onwards.


Track work throughout the year

The Finnish Transport Agency is carrying out plenty of track work this year for the purpose of developing the railway network. The track work will affect operations well into the summer and autumn. The most central track work includes:




Actions for accessibility

The meeting place for the assistance service for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility changed on 1 February. VR also improved the visibility of wheelchair space markings on trains.

A new meeting point for assistance service at Helsinki Central Railway Station

Disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility can order an assistance service at Helsinki Central Railway Station. The new meeting point for the service is located next to platform 11, under the platform canopy. The new meeting point is in use from 1 February 2018. The new location was selected in cooperation with the Finnish Transport Agency and the City of Helsinki Council on Disability.

The service provides assistance with boarding and exiting the train. Passengers can order the service at the latest 36 hours before departure by calling the free service number or from the ticket office. Read more about the assistance service.

Improved visibility of wheelchair spaces

Wheelchair places and the children's playroom are located in the same car. Previously, the car was marked with figures from children’s stories. In the future, there will also be a wheelchair symbol on the door. There are also new stickers inside the cars that improve the visibility of the wheelchair spaces.

Services during railroad work will improve

Trains will be replaced by buses during railroad work. In the future, wheelchair customers will be carried in taxis during planned railroad work. VR arranges the taxi when there are no accessible train services for the connection during the day because of the railroad work.




Changes in commuter traffic as of 1 January 2018

After the turn of the year, it will be even easier to travel in the commuter services area as the age limit for children’s tickets will rise and prams will be carried free of charge in the VR commuter services area. In addition, the HSL area will become larger and you can travel to Järvenpää with both VR tickets and HSL tickets. Another change taking place at the beginning of January is that HSL ticket sales in VR’s channels will end. More information about these changes taking place in January can be found below.


HSL ticket sales in VR’s channels will end on 1 January 2018

As of 1 January 2018, HSL tickets cannot be bought at VR’s ticket offices or from ticket vending machines. HSL is in charge of its own ticket sales channels. The most convenient ways to purchase tickets for VR’s commuter trains (R, G, T, D and Z trains in the direction of Lahti and Tampere) are the VR Commuter application, the online shop, ticket offices at stations, all 600 R-kioski kiosks throughout Finland or VR’s ticket vending machines. Read more about commuter train tickets.


Changes in commuter traffic with regard to the age limit for children’s tickets and the commuter services area

After the turn of the year, it will be even easier to travel in the commuter services area as the age limit for children’s tickets will rise and prams will be carried free of charge in the VR commuter services area. In addition, the HSL area will become larger and you can travel to Järvenpää with both VR tickets and HSL tickets. More information about these changes taking place in January can be found below.


The age limit for children’s tickets will rise and prams will be carried free of charge in commuter trains

Travelling in the VR commuter services area will become even smoother as the age limit for children’s tickets will change at the turn of the year. Starting from 1 January, the age limit for children’s tickets will rise to seven years (previously children’s tickets were sold to children aged 0–4 years). Children aged 7–16 years travel with a children’s ticket and children under 7 years of age travel free of charge in the VR commuter services area.

Children’s train tickets and discounts

At the same time, travelling with prams will become easier. As of 1 January 2018, travelling with a child aged 0–6 years who is in a buggy or a pram will be free of charge in the commuter services area and no ticket will be needed.

Prams on train

The commuter services area encompasses the HSL and VR areas. Thus far, the areas have had different practices with regard to the age limit for children’s tickets and travelling with a pram. The changes will make train travel in the commuter services area even smoother.


The HSL area will expand to Tuusula and Siuntio – you can travel to Järvenpää with either a VR ticket or an HSL ticket

The commuter services area will change when Tuusula and Siuntio join Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) on 1 January 2018. After that, you can travel to the Siuntio station and Tuusula’s Jokela station with an HSL ticket.

Even in the future, the Järvenpää area will belong to the VR commuter services area, but is located in the middle of the HSL area. Travelling will be easy in the future, too: starting from 1 January 2018, you can travel between stations in Järvenpää and in the HSL area with both HSL and VR train tickets. This applies to the Haarajoki, Saunakallio, Ainola and Järvenpää stations. However, please note that you need a VR commuter traffic ticket when you travel between stations in Järvenpää and other stations in the VR commuter services area.

How do you know whether you are travelling in the HSL commuter services area or in the VR commuter services area? See the commuter traffic route map.


    • Oulu–Tampere: Sun–Fri 19:04–23:50
    • Tampere–Oulu: Mon–Sat 7:01–11:20
    • Tampere–Kouvola: Sat 14:35–16:51
    • Kouvola–Tampere: Sat 9:05–11:21
    • Tampere–Jyväskylä: Mon–Fri 11:05–12:40
    • Jyväskylä–Tampere: Mon–Fri 9:11–10:43
    • Helsinki–Kuopio: Mon–Thu + Sat 5:57–10:12
    • Kuopio–Helsinki: Mon–Thu + Sat 16:14–20:40
    • Kuopio–Jyväskylä: Mon–Fri 16:23–18:01
    • Jyväskylä–Kuopio: Mon–Fri 19:44–21:27
    • Helsinki–Turku: Fri 19:37–21:31
    • Turku–Helsinki: Fri 21:50–23:53
    • The departures of R trains running between Helsinki and Tampere will be brought forward by approximately 15 minutes, excluding late night train services.

    • The departures of D trains running between Helsinki and Riihimäki will be brought forward by mostly 10–25 minutes.

    • Also the departures of G trains running between Riihimäki and Lahti will be brought forward to keep commuter and exchange connections smooth.

    • Kokkola–Ylivieska, from Monday to Wednesday and on Sundays at 20:37–21:18

    • Ylivieska–Kokkola, from Monday to Thursday at 4:45–5:30

    • Vilppula–Seinäjoki, from Monday to Friday and on Sundays at 21:20–23:12

    • Seinäjoki–Vilppula, from Monday to Friday at 4:40–6:38 and on Saturdays at 6:51–8:49

    • Kouvola–Port of Kotka, from Monday to Friday at 6:53–7:40 and at 15:57–16:45

    • Port of Kotka–Kouvola, from Monday to Friday at 8:00–8:48 and at 16:51–17:38

    • Joensuu–Nurmes, on Saturdays at 18:00–20:06

    • Nurmes–Joensuu, on Sundays at 6:35–8:50

    • Kuopio–Kajaani, from Monday to Thursday at 23:25–1:18

    • Kajaani–Kuopio, from Tuesday to Friday at 3:40–5:30

    • Track work between Helsinki and Tampere.

    • The point connections of Helsinki shunting yard are improved, which will make traffic smoother especially in disruption situations.

    • An additional rail is being constructed between Kerava and Jokela to add flexibility during the busiest times. In future, it is possible to introduce new services between Helsinki and Riihimäki.

    • Accessibility at Riihimäki station is improved by basic refurbishing, such as raising the platforms.

    • New safety equipment will be installed between Riihimäki and Tampere this autumn.

    • The construction work of the new Pasila station and shopping centre Tripla will continue all the way to 2019.