Train travel to Russia

To Russia you can travel with Allegro, the travel time to St. Petersburg is only about 3,5 hours. To Moscow you get with the Tolstoi train over night.

Travel documents

When you travel to Russia, you need a visa, for which you can apply at a travel agency. Visa application processing takes 1–2 weeks. You need also a passport that is valid for a minimum of six months after the trip when travelling to Russia. Also children must have their own passport.

You must fill in an entry card in two copies onboard the train when travelling to Russia. You must keep the second copy, the one stamped by the Russian authorities, with you all the time during your trip in Russia.

The visa must be valid when crossing the border. You must take this into account in particular when travelling in the overnight train Tolstoi as the train crosses the border only during the day following the day of departure.

E-visas are currently unavailable for Allegro trains

E-visas will not become available for Allegro trains on 1 October 2019. According to the Russian authorities, the delay is temporary and is caused by a lack of technical readiness. E-visas will become available for rail traffic later—according to estimates, by 2021 at the latest.

According to Russian authorities, the widespread adoption of e-visas requires having the necessary equipment at all border crossing points. For rail traffic, this means mobile solutions for Russian border control that enable the checking of visas on a moving train. 

For the time being, ordinary visas are still required for travelling on an Allegro train. We will monitor the situation and share updates through our various communication channels if there are changes. Further information is  available here.



There are no luggage vans on any of the services operating between Finland and Russia.

Passengers may transport hand luggage if its transport does not violate customs or other regulations issued by the authorities.

One train ticket allows you to transport:

  • luggage the maximum dimensions of which are 100 x 60 x 40 cm.
  • passengers travelling with an adult ticket may transport two suitcases free of charge and if there is space onboard, two suitcases by paying a luggage charge. Additional luggage is paid in advance at the station ticket office.
  • a golf bag
  • Skis and sticks, slalom skis and snowboards may be transported if they are in a ski bag.
  • A bicycle in a 100 x 60 x 40 cm package.

Detailed information on the transport of luggage



Dogs and cats may be transported on trains operating between Finland and Russia. Passengers travelling with pets must purchase tickets from a VR ticket office or by phone from VR Customer Care. There are pet seats for those travelling with pets on the Allegro. When traveling with pets on the Tolstoi, you must book tickets for the entire sleeping compartment. Pets cannot be transported on single berths.

See more detailed information on the transport of pets


How to purchase tickets

You can purchase tickets for services between Finland and Russia from VR Online Shop, VR ticket offices, sales agents and VR Customer Care. You need the passport information of all passengers when buying tickets.

Passengers travelling with pets must purchase tickets from a VR ticket office or by phone from VR Customer Care.

Please note that selecting seats from the car map in the VR Online Shop is only possible in the Finland-Russia direction.

Border control

Border and customs checks are carried out during the trip while the train is moving. During the checks passengers must be in their seats. Please present your passport and visa to the border authorities.

Passengers travelling in a group must travel in the same car, if possible. If there is not enough space for the group in one car there must be a copy of the group visa in each car in which members of the group travel. In addition, each member of the group must know in which car and seat the group leader with the original visa travels.
The train's toilets and restaurant car are closed for the border checks.
Passengers may declare goods to customs onboard the train if they have goods to declare.

Customs charges can be paid to Russian customs only in Russian roubles, in cash or by credit card.




Allegro operates between Helsinki and St. Petersburg (Finljandski). In Russia the train also stops at Vyborg. The train has a First Class and a 2nd Class. First Class tickets include e.g. a meal served in your seat. In addition, the train has a restaurant car and a sales trolley.

The train has seats for the disabled, a playroom for children and seats for passengers travelling with pets. Allegros are non-smoking trains.

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Russian night train Tolstoi operates between Helsinki and Moscow. In Russia the train stops at Vyborg, St. Petersburg (Ladozhski), Tver and Moscow (Leningradski).
The train only has sleeping berths. Passengers may also travel in mixed male-female compartments when travelling from Russia to Finland.

The train has a Business Class, a First Class, a 2nd Class, a restaurant car and a compartment for the disabled.

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Allegro™ is a registered trademark.

Please note! Do not bring wild boar meat into Finland

African swine fever (ASF) appears in areas close to the borders of the European Union, particularly in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The disease is not transmitted to human beings, but in spreading to Finland it may endanger the production of Finnish pork.

There is good reason to avoid such hunting trips. All import for gift or souvenir purposes of meat products is prohibited from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Read more about African swine fever

For passengers to and from Vyborg

Customs checks of passengers boarding / getting off the train at Vyborg take place in the inspection area on the second floor of the station building.

Individual passengers and small groups must take into account that the inspections may take 40 minutes and up to one hour for large groups.

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