Commuter train services in the Capital Region

traveling on commuter trains


Capital Region commuter trains are operated on the main line between Helsinki and Tampere, on the line along the shore between Helsinki and Siuntio, on the Ring Rail Line between Helsinki and the Airport, and on the direct line between Helsinki and Lahti.

There are two separate payment systems on the commuter services area, HSL and VR commuter services. You can travel by train with an HSL ticket if the entire train journey takes place within the HSL area. When travelling even a part of the journey in the VR commuter services area, a VR commuter ticket must be purchased for the entire journey and HSL tickets are not valid as part-payment for the trip. If the train trip starts outside these areas or ends outside them, a VR long-distance services train ticket is required for the entire trip. See the commuter region area map here.

Some of the stations operate as stops for both long-distance and commuter trains (Tampere, Lempäälä, Toijala, Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki, Lahti, Kirkkonummi, Leppävaara, Tikkurila, Pasila, Helsinki). When using a long-distance train, please make sure that you have a valid long-distance ticket.


Commuter services timetables

Commuter services timetables are easily accessible at the Online Shop, in the VR Matkalla mobile application and on the Commuter services timetables page by station or by route.


Commuter tickets

VR commuter services single ticket

You can buy the commuter services area tickets from ticket machines, at station ticket offices and in the VR Matkalla mobile application.

Commuter services area single ticket prices


HSL single ticket

You can buy single tickets in the HSL area from VR and HSL ticket machines and station ticket offices. You can also purchase single tickets from the card readers in train vestibules with value loaded on the Travel Card.

The prices of the HSL area tickets can be found on HSL's web site.


VR commuter multi-tickets

You can buy multi-tickets for 10 single journeys for commuter trains in the zones of your choice. With a multi-ticket, you can travel in either direction between the stations marked on the ticket.

Multi-tickets are valid for 2 months and they can be bought in the VR Matkalla mobile application and at the online shop, as well as from a VR ticket machine, at a station, from VR Customer Care or an R-Kiosk.


HSL tickets for 1–7 days

You can also travel in the HSL area with an inexpensive day ticket for 1–7 days, which enables an unlimited number of journeys.

You can purchase a one-day ticket on a bus or a tram and 1–7 day tickets are available at ticket offices and ticket machines.


VR commuter season ticket

With the commuter area season ticket, you can travel inexpensively in the commuter services area if you travel regularly by train. You can purchase tickets from VR Online Shop, station ticket offices or by phone from VR Customer Care. You can collect tickets from an R-Kiosk after booking them by phone.

Commuter season ticket prices are easily available at VR Online Shop.


HSL Travel Card

You can buy HSL Travel Cards from HSL service points. You can load a season ticket or value on the card at HSL sales points and at VR and HSL ticket machines at metro and train stations.

HSL Travel Card (HSL)


Purchasing commuter tickets

Read more on where to purchase commuter train tickets. Commuter ticket purchase locations


Commuter train services

Many types of rolling stock are used in commuter services. The most modern services and easy access on the train for e.g. those with reduced mobility and passengers travelling with a pram is offered by VR's low-floor Sm4 trains and Junakalusto Oy's Sm5 trains (Flirt). The low-floor trains are higlighted in commuter services timetables.

You can read more on all commuter train onboard services on the Trains and cars page.


Services for the disabled

assistance services 

accessible routes to low-floor trains  


transport of prams

easy access to low-floor trains older rolling stock: prams must be lifted on the train, no double prams
transport of pets
pets can be transported on all trains marked with an icon The location of pet compartments on trains makes it possible for allergic passengers to travel in comfort in the car-end compartments.


transport of bicycles

Bicycles are allowed on commuter trains. Transporting bicycles on commuter trains is free of charge.


For safety reasons roller skating is not recommended on station platform areas and on trains.

112-ikoniTake care of your safety

In case of an emergency, call 112

In special circumstances: do not leave the train; wait for instructions provided by the onboard staff. VR Security Centre, tel. 0800 132 323