Travel north with your car – CarTrain Travel ABC

Travel on night trains in a seat or in a sleeping compartment in a one, two or three person compartment. Some night trains have car-carrier wagons so you can transport your car with the inexpensive CarTrain package.
cartrain loading sites

Car loading stations

Helsinki (Pasila)                           








Timetables and CarTrain packages

CarTrain and night train timetables can be easily viewed in the VR Online Shop. You can also check timetables on the timetables page. See also ticket information on CarTrain packages and sleeping berths.




Travel in a sleeping compartment or day car seat.


You can purchase a CarTrain package from the VR Online Shop.



How to purchase

You can buy a CarTrain package from the VR Online Shop. Before you start to purchase a CarTrain package please have your registration book at hand to check for instance your car's dimensions during ticket purchasing.


  1. Select your route. Choose from the stations between which you can transport your car.

  2. The Online Shop shows the selected car-carrier routes for the chosen date and ticket prices. Select the route and enter the requested information in the appropriate fields.

  3. Select berth or seat tickets. If you travel on a seat you can select a seat by selecting seating preference from the drop-down menu and select a seat from the car layout. When travelling in a sleeping car select suitable berths or compartments for yourself or your group from the drop-down menu.

  4. Check your car's details from your registration book. Also take into accout possible ski boxes etc. on the roof when considering height. If the car does not fit into the space reserved for it the car space reservation will be cancelled. VR is not liable for costs arising from the cancellation.

  5. Enter the car's dimensions in the appropriate fields. Remember to check that height, length and width dimensions are correct, otherwise you car will not fit into its reserved slot.

  6. Choose whether you want to drive your car into the car-carrier wagon yourself or have VR do it for you. If you travel often on the car-carrier train you might consider registering with Veturi, VR's loyalty programme. When you have registered as a customer your contact information and car details are stored in the system and your next purchase of a CarTrain package goes quickly and easily.

  7. Check the information you provided in the shopping cart and continue to ticket payment.



Children aged 10 and younger travel free of charge on night trains with a parent in the same sleeping compartment if a berth is not booked for the child. You must inform VR if a child will travel with you when buying your tickets. Children under the age of 4 do not need tickets. Get your tickets permitting children aged 4 to 10 to travel free of charge from ticket offices or by phone from VR Customer Care.


Loading your car

Check the loading times on your ticket and arrive at the loading site well in advance. The vehicles are loaded in the order that they arrive at the loading site. A marking on the ticket does not guarantee a specific space but only the fact that a space of sufficient height is available.


Load your car yourself

Only the driver may be inside the car when it is loaded on the car-carrier wagon.

All personal belongings needed during the train journey shall be removed from the car before loading.

The car shall be locked and fresh air nozzles shall be closed during transport. Specific instructions applying to your car make shall be followed.

The driver shall always drive a car-trailer combination on the car-carrier wagon.


When VR loads your car

If you cannot load your car yourself VR can in exceptional cases do it for you. However, loadings effected by VR have to be always agreed beforehand when you make the order.

Park your car in the car-carrier wagon loading site parking space on the departure date. You can check the location of the parking space from VR Customer Care or a VR station booking office.

Leave your keys at the departure station booking office, in Tampere at the platform office at platform 1, in Helsinki at station service.

Car keys left at a VR office can be collected at the booking office of the destination station (in Helsinki at Pasila cartrain station).

If you wish you can have your car transported to your destination station 1–5 days before you travel. VR will take care of unloading the car.

Please note that VR does not bear responsibility if the vehicle cannot be loaded due to causes beyond VR's control. Delays in vehicle loading / unloading are not compensated.  


Register for Veturi

If you travel often on the car-carrier train you might consider registering for Veturi. Registering your details allows us to provide you with better service in the Online Shop.

Additional information on Veturi loyalty program



Experience Lapland!

The winter in Lapland is full of experiences. Northern Finland offers plenty of choices for those who want to exercise outdoors or relax. We have put together some tips for travelling in Lapland.

Lapland tips

Vehicle size

The maximum permissible width of the car is 2.20 m and between the outer perimeters of the car tyres 2 m. Ski box should be included in the height measurement. 

Max. vehicle length is 5,05m including possible hitch

Over-wide/heavy vans cannot be transported in the covered car-carrier wagon. For instance, the following models cannot be transported: Ford Transit (100 T300 and larger), Ford Tourneo Custom, Nissan Primastar, Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic, VW Transporter (new chassis 7/2003 ->), VW Transporter Long, VW Transporter Caravelle, VW Transporter Multivan, Toyota Proace and Hyundai H1.

The loaded car must fit into the car-carrier wagon so that the driver is able to exit the car easily.

Make sure that your van can be transported by calling VR Customer Care,
tel. 0600 41 900.