InterCity - services for all passengers

InterCity trains offer passengers on business and pleasure trips the possibility to utilize effectively the travel time on journeys between cities and major population centres. The needs of families, persons with reduced mobility, allergic passengers and travellers with pets are taken into account. InterCity trains have single and double deck cars.

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InterCity train onboard services and Extra Class services

Onboard services
Extra Class services
Eco Class, Extra class Seating arrangement 2+1
services for disabled passengersself-service counter
mobile phone booth, Mobile phone amplifierDaily newspapers
working compartments
in-seat power outlets
compartments for allergic passengers
pet spaces
family compartment, services for families, renewed playroom
bicycle spaces
ski racks
coin-operated luggage lockers
space for prams and wheelchairs
passenger information displayed on passenger information monitors in double-deck cars
quiet coaches

View the location of InterCity onboard services in the diagram below. Click on a car to view the a description of the amenities in the Passenger car album. Extra/Eco Class Eco Class Eco Class Restaurant-car Eco Class Eco Class

Please note!
Service alterations and disruptions may affect train compositions are result in different onboard services and coach order than shown below.

The IC train

The InterCity trains were introduced at the turn of the 80s and 90s. There are altogether 80 single-floor InterCity cars in operation, of which 12 are restaurant-cars. The double-deckers complement the on-board services with their special services provided for families, allergic passengers, physically impaired travellers. InterCity trains are composed of single and double-deck cars.

InterCity cars have been renovated and during 2006 four cars were modified to be suitable for operations in Russia. The InterCity cars were manufactured by Pasila Workshop and Transtech Ltd. The top speed of InterCity trains is 140-160 km/h.

The trains are marked in timetables with the IC2 sign.