Restaurant services

Restaurant services are an important part of an enjoyable trip. Our restaurant cars are comfortable and cosy offering a wide selection of meals, beverages and snacks for the journey. The sales trolleys in InterCity2 trains have hot and cold beverages, snacks and sweets. Train catering services are provided by a VR subsidiary Avecra Ltd.

Restaurant cars

All restaurant cars offer the same basic selection including coffee, pastries, garnished rolls, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and sweets. Other products vary depending on the type of restaurant car.

Click on the restaurant logo to view its selection on Avecra Ltd web site.

Prego - a little piece of Italy

  • In Pendolino trains
  • Pendolino's country of origin as concept basis
  • Italian products familiar to passengers such as antipasto plates and pastas
  • An Italian theme in the restaurant car with green, white and red colours.

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Bistro - a breather onboard

  • mainly in InterCity trains on over three hour routes
  • products include e.g. Feel Good Breakfast and garnished baguettes
  • Bistro restaurant cars are renovated in 2009-2012 and the first was completed in June 2009.

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In the restaurant car you can enjoy the culinary delights of Finnish and Russian cuisine. The meals are served to the table and the bar is a great place to stop by for a coffee break. You can also get takeaway to enjoy at your seat.

In the restaurant car you can pay in cash and with euros and roubles, Finnish debit card and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Eurocard).

A snack served at your seat is included in the fare for First Class passengers. In addition, coffee and tea are available at a self-service counter.

Kultainen Kulkuri/Golden Wanderer - journey through Finland

  • mainly in InterCity trains on over three hour routes
  • products include e.g. railway classic meatballs and mashed potatoes, garnished Reissumies rye bread and Karelian pie
  • the interior exhudes a warm feel and expresses the pleasant feel of the restaurant car

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Pub Resiina/Pub Hand Car - carefree on the road

  • mainly between Helsinki and Turku harbour and occasionally as second restaurant car in trains to the north
  • relaxed travelling in a cosy pub environment

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Raileri/Train Traveller - culinary journey to memories

  • in trains to the north and in domestic east-west services
  • products include e.g. apple lemonade, gigantic meat pie and rustic ham omelette
  • 70s theme with photos and plastic bar stools

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MiniBistro - take a bite from the trolley

  • InterCity2 sales trolley
  • Products include coffee, sandwiches, pastries, wine, beer and sweets
  • Enjoy at your seat